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Services Offered

Whether your needs are partial, or complete design assistance, proto-type development all the way to manufacturing, we are here to help get the job done to your specifications and exceed your expectations!

Hard to believe ALL of this under one roof!
     Design and/or Assembly of:
  • Electrical  Control Pannels
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Automation Systems
  • Electro-Mechanical and Pnumatic Implementation
  • Machine Refurbishment, Modifications and Systems Integration
  • Industrial and Commercial Repairs........ we don't just swap boards.... .....................................          We Fix Them!!                                                                    Reliability and Commitment is what sets us appart from the rest!                 And  experiance can't be bought..... Luckily it can be hired!!
Some times it pays to refurbish and upgrade older more robust equipment which was once apon a time praised and give it a new life all while bringing it up to speed with todays rigourous safety standards.
You're just one phone call away from dealing with the best!

On site fabricating and finishing.

We pride ourselves in our commitment towards keeping the highest quality standards and attention to detail because in the end.......  actions speak louder than words!
Why do buisiness with us? :
  • We have over 30 years of experience in the industry
  • Reliability and peace of mind..... Priceless!
  • Quick turn around times for last minute revisions
  • Dedication and hard work is what we thrive on
  • Honnesty and Total Customer Discretion best describes          our integrity!        (  Confidentiality GARANTEED! )